1 month to go!

My trip to Paris is right around the corner and I’m so EXCITED!! I reached out to a work colleague from the Paris office for restaurant and bar recommendations and  she sent me a very detailed list of her favorite places to eat, drink and enjoy the sights in Paris.



Things to see!

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Le Louvre Museum
  • Takin a Fly Boat on the Seine River so you can see everything
  • Going to the Sacré Coeur on top of Montmartre so you can see all of Paris and then stroll through the streets of Montmartre
  • Notre Dame cathedral
  • Take a stroll in Le Marais on Sundays (all streets are cut off to cars)
  • Champs-Elysees Avenue
  • Parks & tea time: Place des vosges (have a pastry at Carette. Try the Mont Blanc & the hot chocolate. The viennoiseries are also delicious) / Jardins des Tuileries (Angelina chocolaterie is really close) / Jardins du Palais Royal (there are cafés in the galleries)
  • Museum: Centre Pompidou


Food & Drinks

  • Neighborhoods for drinks & dinner: So-Pi (South Pigalle station, below avenue Trudaine. Rue Condorcet, rue de Rochechouart) & rue du Faubourg Saint Denis / Cour des petites écuries (M°Chateau rouge/Strasbourg St denis)
  • Richer or Office is the best restaurant in its range of price & authenticity
  • rue du Faubourg Poissonnière / rue Richet @ metro Poissonnière. If there is too many people Albion, a little higher on the street towards the metro offers a traditional delicious French meal. Go for a magret de canard, if you eat duck.
  • More pricy but yummy: Braisenville, rue Condorcet
  • Breakfast: Breakfast sunday morning at Marché des Enfants Rouges is also a classic. I love the japanese place there.
  • Rooftop and cocktail bar: Le Perchoir, there’s one at Oberkampf & another on the top of department store BHV in the Marais
  • A wine & cheese experience: Frenchie Bar à Vins in Sentier neighborhood or more low key “Trinquette” rue de gravilliers (many other restaurants/bars in the area, notable “Le Derrière” & “Andy wahloo”) – “more Parisians than tourists” kind of experiences…
  • Les Pinces. Lobster/beef



  • Marais for small stores,
  • Galeries Lafayette/Printemps/BHV for one-stop/everything
  • Colette: concept store and great for star seeing too!


  1. Whit 05/04/2015

    Amazing, have tons of fun, can’t wait to see pics! I’ll be going to Paris this summer as well, so I’m feeling super inspired too!!



    • alexa 05/04/2015

      I’ll take tons of pictures!! I can’t wait to see yours too 🙂

  2. Samantha 05/04/2015

    Paris! How fun! Hope you take lost of pictures and have a great time.

    • alexa 05/04/2015

      Thank you Samantha !!


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