Weekend Instagram round-up

I was traveling all last week so I didn’t have the chance to post on the blog. I went to Paris with my boyfriend and I had the best time! The chocolate croissants were so delicious and the espresso strong. We spent every day walking around the streets admiring landmarks and the architecture. I fell in love with the Tuileries Garden and everything surrounding it. I left with an appreciation for perfectly-trimmed trees as you can see on my Instagram.The weather was perfect so it made walking around Paris that much easier.

One of the most beautiful parts of my trip was walking along the Seine with my boyfriend. The river is gorgeous and Parisians love to sit there and hang out. I still can’t believe I’m home, back to work and reality. I wanted to put together a weekend Instagram round up of my trip. Some of the pictures are from my iPhone and others from my camera. Follow me on Instagram to see more! Also I made these yummy pumpkin bars this weekend. I found the recipe on Pinterest and it’s really easy to make. It says to make homemade frosting but I bought vanilla frosting and used that. (don’t judge me) !


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Paris 2016Paris 2016Paris 2016Paris 2016Paris 2016Paris 2016Paris 2016Paris 2016

Palm Beach

In the quaint town of Palm Beach, two friends and I took a short but necessary trip.  I never thought of traveling to Palm Beach so when the opportunity came up to go I took full advantage of it. As soon as we landed it was 80 degrees and very humid. A drastic change from the 30 degree weather in Boston. We booked an Airbnb condo just 5 minutes from the beach and all the local bars and restaurants. We immediately put our bags down in the room and dressed for the beach. The first night we decided to grab Italian food at this local restaurant Testa that had the cutest outdoor terrace surrounded by palm trees and decorative outdoor lights.  It felt so good to feel a warm breeze and have my sandals on.

The locals were very kind and everyone was very open to helping us with directions. On the walk home from Testa we found Bee Organics which is a local smoothie and juice place. I went there twice a day from Thursday-Saturday, racking up unnecessary expenses on smoothies and organic oatmeal. On Thursday night we had dinner at Buccan, known for it’s small plates. My favorite thing we ordered had to be the sweet corn ravioli and short rib empanada. After dinner we crossed the bridge and went to a club in West Palm Beach. On our last night we stayed on the beach as long as we could. It was so upsetting to think in less than 24 hours we would be back in the cold. We decided that we should go back to West Palm Beach and have dinner at Rocco’s taco and tequila bar . Before we headed to the airport on Saturday we got one last smoothie and walked to the beach one last time. My time in Palm Beach was short but so sweet. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Photos taken on my Iphone 6, sorry for the blurriness! 

Palm Beach Palm Beach

Dress: Pinkyotto, Boston location 

Palm BeachPalm BeachPalm Beach

Bikini: H&M


FullSizeRender (2)

I traveled down to Pittsburgh to visit my cousin for the weekend and I loved it! I stayed in a conveniently placed Airbnb which happened to be walking distance to all the major tourist attractions. This was my first Airbnb and I’m so mad I haven’t looked into them before. They have all the amenities of a hotel but the comfort of a home because it’s actually someones apartment or home. The city had these amazing sculptures placed randomly around the city and on pathways too it was beautiful. Saturday was spent brunching at Meat and Potatoes then we went kayaking. I didn’t know what to expect going to Pittsburgh. I had this idea that Philadelphia was the only part of Pennsylvania that had things going on (yeah I know how it sounds don’t judge me). I would definitely go back again!







Weekend trip- New York

Despite the insane heat and humidity I spent my weekend shopping, eating and relaxing. I finally checked Egg off my list of restaurants to visit. Located in Williamsburg, Egg was everything I imagined it would be. My breakfast was so simple but it was perfect. The meal wasn’t too heavy and the hash browns were out of this world. They also had this hot sauce that made the meal 100 times better. Ahhh I want more! I have this thing for fresh squeezed orange juice and while we waited outside to be seated there was a trashcan filled with tons of oranges so I knew I was walking into something delicious. When a restaurant takes the time to freshly squeeze juice you know you’re in for a good meal.  Egg is reasonably priced so if you’re taking a weekend trip on a budget I would definitely recommend this place for breakfast.

Dress: Mango 

Mango DressMango DressBrooklyn BrunchBrooklyn Brunch


My time spent in France was magical. Wednesday-Sunday isn’t enough time to see everything but I managed to squeeze in the major tourist attractions with the little time I had. Thursday through Saturday morning was spent in Chamouille, France which is two hours outside of Paris. My company rented out Center Parcs which is a huge resort filled with activities and cottages. Our yearly summit is the chance for us to meet people from different offices located in different countries. It was so great to meet people from Australia, Barcelona, Seoul, London, the list goes on.

Chamouille is the perfect place. Driving there I saw little farms, cows, goats, and miles of hills and grass. The time difference messed me up a bit and the sun stayed out until 11pm which was a little weird to me. My birthday was spent at the beach party on Thursday night in Chamouille. The weather was warm and the music played until 12am. It was an early night because we had a company meeting the next day at 9:30 am.

Saturday morning we made our way to Paris. My hotel was right down the street from the Champs-Élysées which made sight-seeing easier since we didn’t have to travel far. First stop was Laduree for macaroons.  A box of 15 cost 35 euros but it was worth every cent. After that we kept walking down the Champs-Élysées and saw the Arc de Triomphe.  The architecture was beautiful. When I stepped off the metro and saw the Eiffel Tower I almost cried. I wish I went to the top but I didn’t have enough time. Saturday night my friends and I met some people from work and had some drinks before we went to Twenty-One sound bar, a reggae/hip-hop club located a few minutes from our hotel.

I was so sad to leave on Sunday. I wasn’t done with Paris, there was so much more left to see. I definitely need to plan another trip soon. Enjoy the pictures!


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1 month to go!

My trip to Paris is right around the corner and I’m so EXCITED!! I reached out to a work colleague from the Paris office for restaurant and bar recommendations and  she sent me a very detailed list of her favorite places to eat, drink and enjoy the sights in Paris.



Things to see!

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Le Louvre Museum
  • Takin a Fly Boat on the Seine River so you can see everything
  • Going to the Sacré Coeur on top of Montmartre so you can see all of Paris and then stroll through the streets of Montmartre
  • Notre Dame cathedral
  • Take a stroll in Le Marais on Sundays (all streets are cut off to cars)
  • Champs-Elysees Avenue
  • Parks & tea time: Place des vosges (have a pastry at Carette. Try the Mont Blanc & the hot chocolate. The viennoiseries are also delicious) / Jardins des Tuileries (Angelina chocolaterie is really close) / Jardins du Palais Royal (there are cafés in the galleries)
  • Museum: Centre Pompidou


Food & Drinks

  • Neighborhoods for drinks & dinner: So-Pi (South Pigalle station, below avenue Trudaine. Rue Condorcet, rue de Rochechouart) & rue du Faubourg Saint Denis / Cour des petites écuries (M°Chateau rouge/Strasbourg St denis)
  • Richer or Office is the best restaurant in its range of price & authenticity
  • rue du Faubourg Poissonnière / rue Richet @ metro Poissonnière. If there is too many people Albion, a little higher on the street towards the metro offers a traditional delicious French meal. Go for a magret de canard, if you eat duck.
  • More pricy but yummy: Braisenville, rue Condorcet
  • Breakfast: Breakfast sunday morning at Marché des Enfants Rouges is also a classic. I love the japanese place there.
  • Rooftop and cocktail bar: Le Perchoir, there’s one at Oberkampf & another on the top of department store BHV in the Marais
  • A wine & cheese experience: Frenchie Bar à Vins in Sentier neighborhood or more low key “Trinquette” rue de gravilliers (many other restaurants/bars in the area, notable “Le Derrière” & “Andy wahloo”) – “more Parisians than tourists” kind of experiences…
  • Les Pinces. Lobster/beef



  • Marais for small stores,
  • Galeries Lafayette/Printemps/BHV for one-stop/everything
  • Colette: concept store and great for star seeing too!

Quick trip- Miami

Walk to Starbucks Dream Hotel Rooftop pool Creme Brulee BEST MEAL EVER! Espanola Way Espanola way Dinner on Ocean Drive Margaritas at lunch South Beach South Beach Penthouse

Florida was amazing! I loved waking up to beautiful weather and the smell of the ocean. I took advantage of everything around my hotel and Ocean Drive, especially the rooftop pool. For once I didn’t shop but I ate like a pig instead. Delicious Cuban food one night, Italian for lunch the next day and southern comfort food the next night. We stayed at the Dream Hotel in South Beach. If you ever plan to visit Miami I would suggest you stay at this hotel. It’s one block away from Ocean Drive and all of the clubs.