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fall colors


Burgundy colored accessories, over the knee boots, denim on denim .. I love fall. The best clothing comes out around this time. Any accessory that consist of a deep red color is what I need in my closet right now! I know berry lipsticks are huge during the fall but I prefer to make statements other ways. I’m on the hunt for some over the knee heels and a burgundy clutch. I could add a few more denim skirts to the collections too no harm in that. I also have this fascination with these chokers that have the two screwable balls at the end. They’re so simple and you can wear it with any outfit. Remember those tight plastic chokers that were huge in the 90s? I did have a few but I felt like my neck was going to fall off. Some designers still make the tight fitting ones but I want the loose comfortable version like the one above.


  1. Carrie 08/28/2015

    great selection
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  2. Iryna 08/28/2015

    Great post dear!

  3. milex 08/28/2015

  4. Agnes W 09/03/2015

    Perfect wishlist!

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  5. Elise 09/16/2015

    omg I want all those pieces too! So cute!


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