Eating healthy after the gym

As soon as I leave the gym I find myself wanting to devour junk food and other unhealthy substances. When I walk into places like trader joes and whole foods I’m instantly repelled from the store when I see the prices. How can I eat healthy if the prices are through the roof? I buy veggies and fruit to only let them go old. One day I even threw away all of my junk food because I was doing a 30 day health challenge. The challenge lasted one week. The only time I’ve used my blender is to mix margaritas, not smoothies. Thank god my genetics allow me to remain a size two but my eating habits need to change. I’ve thought about canceling my gym membership but then I’ll just be giving into temptation. So I can fight the cravings of chips, cookies, salads and queso, candy on special occasions. For now I’ll TRY to eat in moderation. Maybe I should try a juice cleanse or fruit diet? Let me stop lying….


  1. Marissa 11/13/2014

    I hate the idea of juice cleanses! Everything in moderation, I say. Have a salad with some protein, then treat yourself with a chocolate chip cookie. 🙂

    • alexa 11/13/2014

      Sounds like a great idea!!


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