Favorite Pins pt.2

Another week, another list of my favorite pins and some links as well. This week I’ve found myself looking at a lot of apartment decor. Preparing myself for a new move in the fall and possibly a new location. I like simple colors around my apartment that match up nicely with little trinkets and paintings. I want to use more color in my next place and find some art to put in the apartment. Art gives the place some color and personality, plus it’s nice to look at when you come home.

The area my boyfriend and I are looking for apartments at is called the South End. A very trendy neighborhood filled with boutiques, restaurants and hair salons. I frequently go to the South End for brunch so I’m excited to look for places there. The one thing about the South End is that space is very limited and we’re lucky to have two huge closets in our current apartment to store our stuff. Fingers crossed that we find the right place soon!

Another thing I’m super excited about is Olivia Palermo’s clothing line at Nordstrom. I admire her style and I can’t wait to purchase some items.  Lastly, Ben and Jerry’s is releasing a line of non-dairy ice cream! I’m so happy I can finally enjoy ice cream again. I can’t have dairy anymore so this is the best news.

1.Olivia Palermo’s fashion line 

2. Living room decor ideas 

3. Bar Cart inspiration 

4. Kitchen decor Ideas 

5.Bathroom Inspiration 

6. Ben And Jerry’s non-dairy flavors 


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  1. Cludy 02/16/2016

    Hi I’m a big fan of pinterest too haha and although I’m not moving I also have lots of deco pins on my boards. Thanks for sharing yours. Love them all.Happy pin it!



    • alexa 02/17/2016

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Michelle 02/17/2016

    Equally massive fan! Having just bought a place this summer i’m forever pinning home decor ideas! find me on http://www.pinterest.com/walkerlmichelle

    Beautiful blog!


  3. Erica 02/17/2016

    Such great inspirations and links love, thank you for sharing! Love all home decor xx


    • alexa 02/18/2016

      Thank you Erica!


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