Fly Wheel

I signed up for my first spin at Flywheel located at the Prudential Center in Boston. It was an event hosted by the Washington Post to bring both Mullen and Digitas (Advertising agencies) together to compete for a prize. To be honest I thought I would get on that bike and immediately pass out. But once I started to pedal I was in my own world. The stream of sweat running down my face and house music blasting through the speakers kept me motivated through the 45 minute session. It doesn’t matter if you’re out of shape (like me). You can adjust the resistance and incline and go at your own pace. Other people in the room are pushing themselves and that forces you to keep up.

Toward the end of class the instructor has you pick up two six pound bars that are placed on each side of the front wheel. As you continue to spin you raise your arms up and down for about ten minutes.COMPLETE TORTURE! Minus the studio being on the small side, the staff was very attentive to the new people and gave them instructions on how to clip the spin shoes in, change the resistance on the bike , and un-clip the shoes from the pedals; which I had trouble with. This was the perfect experience for a spin class newbie like myself. I wouldn’t spin everyday because I was sore for a week. It could be a once a month thing. P.S… Your hair is so gross after!

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