Monday Blues

Who else is suffering from the Monday morning blues?? I felt so tired today at work so I needed to find ways to stay awake without drinking ten cups of coffee. My trusty friend Google of course saved the day and provided some tips on how to stay awake at work.


– Get up and move around! Sitting at our desk all day is bad for our circulation. Doctors recommend that we walk at least 10 minutes a day while at work. So take a stroll outside or around the office.


РDrink ice water! This will immediately give you energy.  Cold water is the best way to wake your body up.


– Give your eyes a break and look away from your computer.


– Splash cold water on your face for a quick fix.


– Listen to music! Your favorite songs can keep you up!


– Stretch! This always works for me. You might look a bit crazy at your desk but you’ll look and feel energized.

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