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Walking around Sephora for about ten minutes I stumbled upon the one step facial cleanser by Philosophy. A majority of the face products there went for about 50 dollars or more so I thought I was getting a deal when I picked this up for $23. The back of the bottle says the cleanser is fragrance free but to me it smelt like some sort of mosquito repellent so it was very unpleasant.  I also had to use cold water to rinse my face since the hot water caused my face to become irritated and dry.  All the reviews said this product is hydrating and gentle but the only thing it’s good for is cleaning my makeup brushes. If you have sensitive skin I would suggest using something else.


I just started using Me and the Girls bar beleza multi-use beauty bar. This product is 99% organic and contains cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil, capuacu seed butter, tamanu oil and vitamin e. This product works wonders on my face!! First  I rub the bar on my skin for a few seconds. After that I wipe it down with a cloth and watch the dirt and oil come off. The bar cost 42 dollars but it’s so worth it. I’ve seen a dramatic change in my skin over the past week.



Me and the Girls –

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