Overdue beach day – Nordstrom rack

Bathing suit: Nordstrom Rack

Photography: Nick Carter

This is my first time on the beach this summer so it was necessary to take a few pictures of my new one piece bathing suit. I can’t really complain because I had the chance to swim in a pool so I was able to enjoy the water in some way. There’s something about the beach that’s so relaxing. I was raised in Revere, Ma and for those of you who aren’t familiar with the city it’s about 20 minutes outside of Boston and there’s a really nice beach there. My parents and I would always go here to grab Kelly’s Roast Beef and during the summer my cousins and I would go to the carnival they set up every year. I have so many great memories here so I will always cherish this beach.

This Sole East bathing suit is so comfy and purple is my favorite color! This bathing suit isn’t on the website anymore but there are some adorable bikinis left. If you have a tropical vacation planned I think you guys would like their selection. Even though September is in a few days It’s never too late for a beach day right?


  1. Ashley 08/29/2017

    This suit is so cute on you, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    • alexa 08/29/2017

      Thank you, Ashley! I was nervous about a one piece but it’s cute.

  2. marissa 08/29/2017

    that is such an amazing color on you~ enjoy these last days of sweet summer 🙂

    • alexa 08/30/2017

      Thank you, Marissa! I love the color purple. And yes I need to enjoy these last few days 🙁

  3. lovejoling 08/30/2017

    Love this swimsuit!
    The color is very pretty.

    xo, Joling

  4. Mary M 08/31/2017

    Loving the swimsuit &totally envy the gorgeous weather you had, summer is over where I live!

    Have an amazing week,
    Mary x

    • alexa 09/01/2017

      Aw man! The cool weather just started rolling in so I’m glad I was able to enjoy this last day.

  5. Mariama Rebecca 09/01/2017

    Love the colour of this swimsuit. btw no homo but nice bod 🙂
    My YouTube Channel

    • alexa 09/01/2017

      HAHA thanks! That’s so nice of you

  6. sunny 09/09/2017

    Great post thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

  7. Magda 09/22/2017

    Love this swimsuit, you look gorgeous!


    • alexa 09/22/2017

      Thanks girl!


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