1 month to go!

My trip to Paris is right around the corner and I’m so EXCITED!! I reached out to a work colleague from the Paris office for restaurant and bar recommendations and  she sent me a very detailed list of her favorite places to eat, drink and enjoy the sights in Paris.



Things to see!

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Le Louvre Museum
  • Takin a Fly Boat on the Seine River so you can see everything
  • Going to the Sacré Coeur on top of Montmartre so you can see all of Paris and then stroll through the streets of Montmartre
  • Notre Dame cathedral
  • Take a stroll in Le Marais on Sundays (all streets are cut off to cars)
  • Champs-Elysees Avenue
  • Parks & tea time: Place des vosges (have a pastry at Carette. Try the Mont Blanc & the hot chocolate. The viennoiseries are also delicious) / Jardins des Tuileries (Angelina chocolaterie is really close) / Jardins du Palais Royal (there are cafés in the galleries)
  • Museum: Centre Pompidou


Food & Drinks

  • Neighborhoods for drinks & dinner: So-Pi (South Pigalle station, below avenue Trudaine. Rue Condorcet, rue de Rochechouart) & rue du Faubourg Saint Denis / Cour des petites écuries (M°Chateau rouge/Strasbourg St denis)
  • Richer or Office is the best restaurant in its range of price & authenticity
  • rue du Faubourg Poissonnière / rue Richet @ metro Poissonnière. If there is too many people Albion, a little higher on the street towards the metro offers a traditional delicious French meal. Go for a magret de canard, if you eat duck.
  • More pricy but yummy: Braisenville, rue Condorcet
  • Breakfast: Breakfast sunday morning at Marché des Enfants Rouges is also a classic. I love the japanese place there.
  • Rooftop and cocktail bar: Le Perchoir, there’s one at Oberkampf & another on the top of department store BHV in the Marais
  • A wine & cheese experience: Frenchie Bar à Vins in Sentier neighborhood or more low key “Trinquette” rue de gravilliers (many other restaurants/bars in the area, notable “Le Derrière” & “Andy wahloo”) – “more Parisians than tourists” kind of experiences…
  • Les Pinces. Lobster/beef



  • Marais for small stores,
  • Galeries Lafayette/Printemps/BHV for one-stop/everything
  • Colette: concept store and great for star seeing too!

Quick trip- Miami

Walk to Starbucks Dream Hotel Rooftop pool Creme Brulee BEST MEAL EVER! Espanola Way Espanola way Dinner on Ocean Drive Margaritas at lunch South Beach South Beach Penthouse

Florida was amazing! I loved waking up to beautiful weather and the smell of the ocean. I took advantage of everything around my hotel and Ocean Drive, especially the rooftop pool. For once I didn’t shop but I ate like a pig instead. Delicious Cuban food one night, Italian for lunch the next day and southern comfort food the next night. We stayed at the Dream Hotel in South Beach. If you ever plan to visit Miami I would suggest you stay at this hotel. It’s one block away from Ocean Drive and all of the clubs.

Hair shopping

shea moisture Carols daughter alaffia

Sometimes I hate buying natural shampoos and conditioners because it’s so expensive but it was necessary. Here are the three new products I’ve recently added to my collection. So far I’m loving the Jamaican Black Castor Oil shampoo and leave in conditioner. It hydrating and smells delicious. Click the links below to view the products!


 Carols Daughter black vanilla moisture and shine hydrating conditioner

Jamaican Black Castor Oil strengthen grow and restore shampoo and conditioner

Alaffia fair trade pure coconut oil 

Masking away

FullSizeRender (9)

I did some major skin care shopping and I picked up the Mask of Magnaminty clay mask from Lush. There’s two versions of this product and i purchased the self preserving one that has honey in it. After you wash your face apply the mask for 5-10 minutes. What’s different about this clay mask is that it doesn’t get rock hard and uncomfortable on your face. Oh and it smells like honey and peppermint! I used the mask for a week straight and you can definitely see how healthy my face looks if that makes sense. I purchased the 4 oz container for $12.95.


Keeping it Fresh



FullSizeRender (1)

Sugar Lip Treatment (Honey) –  For $22.50 it comes in a small round container with an ample amount of lip balm inside. I haven’t had to reapply this to my lips very often which is great because the product will last longer.  The lip treatments are tinted so I would suggest trying them before you purchase. The honey one has the perfect amount of tint and you can actually see it on my skin. With my purchase I received a ton of free samples! So far I’ve only tried the Soy Face Cleanser. For a gel cleanser it really works and I’m not a fan of gel cleansers so that’s saying something.


Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin





Tamara Mellon

Tamara Mellon



I have never been a fan of fringe… EVER. But over the years designers have altered the fringe style and I’ve grown to love what it’s become. The way it moves when you walk makes you feel so sexy and powerful. I would only wear fringe on my skirts and shoes because it just look better to me when it’s on those items.  My favorite piece has to be the Tamara Mellon brown skirt.  She’s the former Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Jimmy Choo so of course I would gravitate towards her clothing.


Karuna hydrating face mask


Serum infused cloth mask….Sounds weird right? Well it is but my face loved it. The pack comes with four face cloths that should last for one month when used weekly. Made with 100% natural fiber cloth this mask provides deep conditioning for your skin along with lasting hydration. It took me a second to get the mask on my face but once it’s on just lay back and relax for 10-20 minutes. Once you take the mask off massage the remaining product into your neck and hands. For those of you who suffer from dry skin this mask would definitely help. My apartment felt like the spa! Sunday afternoon mask treatments and relaxation. No better feeling.



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