Boston Magazine Flor Event

IMG_4514I attended a Boston Magazine event on 10/9 at Flor. An eco-friendly carpet company with locations across the United States. Their specialty is individual carpet tiles and design. Each tile can be taken apart piece by piece when you get bored and replaced with new tiles. As the night went on the crowd picked up and the people began to loosen up. One of the many sponsors were Skyy Vodka and Itadaki.

The bartenders created the Flor Martini; the most delicious mix of vanilla bean, coconut, and pineapple I have ever tasted. Itadaki, a Japanese restaurant in Boston with the best pork dumplings ever won my heart. I was responsible for eating every dumpling the server passed around. I stayed for about an hour after I was done mingling, taking pictures, and eating the mini cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes. The October issue of Boston Magazine is now on stands.

Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton

michelle williams

 autumn 2014



Michelle Williams has appeared in past Louis Vuitton campaigns and I can’t get enough of her classic look. Blonde pixie cut, pastel colored dress and Bleuet Capucines Bag which cost $5,600 dollars. It’s named after Capucines in Paris where Louis Vuitton opened his first store in 1854.

Milan Fashion Week Favorites

The Jil Sander fashion show was so amazing. The collection was minimalistic and bold as the same time. Leather skirts, tailored shirts, and over sized blazers. The collections muse was Annemarie Schwarzenbach; a swiss writer, journalist and photographer. She played a huge part in the designers decison to create a collection that combined both men and women’s style.


Bottega Veneta made me so excited for Spring.  The show started off with active wear paired with chunky sweaters thrown over the outfits.  The collection was full of  pales and neutrals which is a personal favorite of mine. As the show continued there were a plethora of skirts, dresses, deep v necks, and trench coats. Overall a beautiful collection.


Something about the Marni collection makes me want to be a very chic Italian woman.  There were a lot of oversized and colorful pieces the designer paired with bold accessories and purses. After viewing this collection I might have to invest in a Kimono and those espadrille style sneakers.


I want everything that was featured in the Ports 1961 collection. See through tops, silk dresses, military style jackets and jumpsuits. Fiona Cibani did a wonderful job.




Ports 1961imageimage


Bottega Veneta

Jil Sanderimageimage

September beauty


I’m so excited about this post because I have so many new beauty products to play with this month. My birchbox came in the mail a few days ago and I picked up a new product from Soul Sunday

September Birchbox

Davines Oi Conditioner
Liz Earle cleanse & polish hot cloth cleanser starter kit
Pixi shea butter lip balm in honey nectar
Tommy Girl – Tommy Girl Fragrance
Yu-Be moisturizing skin cream

My Favorites!
The Pixi lip balm goes on smooth and smells delicious. The tint isn’t  over the top so it works on those casual days. The Tommy girl perfume smells good but it’s not something I would wear in the fall- a mix of tangerines, apple blossoms and honeysuckle.  I’m not to sure how to feel about the Liz Earle face cleanser. You have to wet the muslin cloth that comes along with it in (in hot water) and wipe off the cleanser in small circles from the center out. The process alone is draining. I’m pretty sure I’ll only try this product once. On the bight side my face was very smooth.

Soul Sunday

I just got my hands on Soul Sunday’s Positive Seeds lip balm in sweet citrus. Filled with Shea butter and coconut oil. Ever since I got it I haven’t stopped using it.

Soul Sunday


I am a huge fan of Soul Sunday Products. My skin is very sensitive which makes it hard to use anything with fragrances. These all natural oils just soak right into my skin. I’m obsessed with the Unicorn oil (on the right).  Made with peppermint oil, coconut oil, and lavender oil. You apply it to your temples to stay awake.

Nighttime routine

We all have our nightly rituals and mine is very simple. Each season I test out different products to see what works with my skin.  Here’s a list of what I currently use before I go to sleep.


Soul Sunday Body oil- I don’t like using lotion all the time. It tends to make my skin feel heavy and suffocated. Body oil is light weight. Soul Sunday body oil is a mix of sweet almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, Bulgarian rose essential oil , and jasmine essential oil.


Vasanti face rejuvenator- This product came in my August BirchBox and I’m a huge fan. After work my face is very oily and dry. Vasanti removes all the dirt and buildup from the day. I feel so clean!


The Body Shop mango body scrub- I only use this at night. If I don’t feel like applying the body oil I use the body scrub. There’s no need to apply anything to your skin after using this. It also comes in different scents.


Coconut oil- I apply coconut oil to my hair every night to prevent dryness.


Smith’s lip balm in Strawberry or Rosebud- My all-time favorite lip balm!!! $7 dollars at Sephora but totally worth it.


Chamomile tea- I would say this type of tea is an acquired taste but it works if you’re trying to fall asleep.


We’ve all had those days where we just wanted to slam our phones or computers into the wall. Or cut off all communication for 24 hours… maybe longer. Being stressed is the worst feeling in the world. Some of us like to think we can deal with it until it’s too late and we’re breaking down. I’ll admit that I can’t handle it either at times. I like to find ways to relax my mind for whatever situation I’m in at the time.


Take a walk

Just getting out and walking around your neighborhood or in the city can do wonders for your mind. When you’re not focused on what’s around you can walk for hours. I love doing this around the city on the weekend. Maybe stop in a few stores to shop then grab some coffee.



I use to be into yoga during college. I was balancing so many things I forgot to stop and enjoy life. The gym at my school had weekly yoga classes and it was heaven. Stretching my body along with deep meditation and soothing music was so tranquil.



This is my personal preference. I enjoy reading a good book from time to time. And not on my iPad;  a physical book. Reading puts you in a different world.



I got this little trick from my mother who drinks tea every night before she goes to bed. If you find yourself up late with thoughts swimming in your head, a cup of hot tea will put you to sleep almost immediately.


If all this fails the best thing is to talk with a friend. Nothing feels better than a good venting session.





– the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.

“an organization aiming to promote racial equality”

Fly Wheel

I signed up for my first spin at Flywheel located at the Prudential Center in Boston. It was an event hosted by the Washington Post to bring both Mullen and Digitas (Advertising agencies) together to compete for a prize. To be honest I thought I would get on that bike and immediately pass out. But once I started to pedal I was in my own world. The stream of sweat running down my face and house music blasting through the speakers kept me motivated through the 45 minute session. It doesn’t matter if you’re out of shape (like me). You can adjust the resistance and incline and go at your own pace. Other people in the room are pushing themselves and that forces you to keep up.

Toward the end of class the instructor has you pick up two six pound bars that are placed on each side of the front wheel. As you continue to spin you raise your arms up and down for about ten minutes.COMPLETE TORTURE! Minus the studio being on the small side, the staff was very attentive to the new people and gave them instructions on how to clip the spin shoes in, change the resistance on the bike , and un-clip the shoes from the pedals; which I had trouble with. This was the perfect experience for a spin class newbie like myself. I wouldn’t spin everyday because I was sore for a week. It could be a once a month thing. P.S… Your hair is so gross after!