Eating healthy after the gym

As soon as I leave the gym I find myself wanting to devour junk food and other unhealthy substances. When I walk into places like trader joes and whole foods I’m instantly repelled from the store when I see the prices. How can I eat healthy if the prices are through the roof? I buy veggies and fruit to only let them go old. One day I even threw away all of my junk food because I was doing a 30 day health challenge. The challenge lasted one week. The only time I’ve used my blender is to mix margaritas, not smoothies. Thank god my genetics allow me to remain a size two but my eating habits need to change. I’ve thought about canceling my gym membership but then I’ll just be giving into temptation. So I can fight the cravings of chips, cookies, salads and queso, candy on special occasions. For now I’ll TRY to eat in moderation. Maybe I should try a juice cleanse or fruit diet? Let me stop lying….

Transitioning to natural hair

On July 26th I entered the hair salon and vowed to never get a relaxer again. My reasoning was simple, I was tired of paying for it. Since I was 13 I’ve gotten a relaxer and my hair has shown no improvements of growth or health. It’s not for everybody and I’m one of those people. I wanted body, length and healthy hair again. This process has been annoying so far mostly because transitioning takes time. My hair is extremely thick and the process of transitioning causes your hair to be very tender. I wake up some mornings loving the growth and other days I want to throw a relaxer in it. I have to style it constantly and make sure it’s well oiled so it won’t fall out or become dry and brittle. I think it’ll be easier to shave my head and call it a day. So far it has been 17 weeks since my last relaxer and I don’t regret my decision. Within a year I will look like a totally different person. I’m excited to document my results as the months go by. The oils I’m currently using are coconut oil which helps with conditioning and dryness. Jojoba oil keeps my hair shiny, hydrated and soft. Sometimes I combine the two since jojoba oil is a little thick. I also created a concoction with Shea Moisture conditioner, jojoba oil and coconut oil that I use after I wash my hair as a leave in conditioner.


Dessert Essence Jojoba Oil-

Make up Forever

make-up-for-ever-smoky-extravagant-mascara-is-L-0ZVp9kThe first time I used the mascara by make up forever was in June. Sephora gives you free gifts on your birthday and this was part of the package. I will never use anything else on my eyelashes! The application is smooth so they’re barely any clumps using this product unless I put it on too heavy. The price ranges from 12-24 dollars but it’s worth it.

Boston Magazine Flor Event

IMG_4514I attended a Boston Magazine event on 10/9 at Flor. An eco-friendly carpet company with locations across the United States. Their specialty is individual carpet tiles and design. Each tile can be taken apart piece by piece when you get bored and replaced with new tiles. As the night went on the crowd picked up and the people began to loosen up. One of the many sponsors were Skyy Vodka and Itadaki.

The bartenders created the Flor Martini; the most delicious mix of vanilla bean, coconut, and pineapple I have ever tasted. Itadaki, a Japanese restaurant in Boston with the best pork dumplings ever won my heart. I was responsible for eating every dumpling the server passed around. I stayed for about an hour after I was done mingling, taking pictures, and eating the mini cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes. The October issue of Boston Magazine is now on stands.

Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton

michelle williams

 autumn 2014



Michelle Williams has appeared in past Louis Vuitton campaigns and I can’t get enough of her classic look. Blonde pixie cut, pastel colored dress and Bleuet Capucines Bag which cost $5,600 dollars. It’s named after Capucines in Paris where Louis Vuitton opened his first store in 1854.

Milan Fashion Week Favorites

The Jil Sander fashion show was so amazing. The collection was minimalistic and bold as the same time. Leather skirts, tailored shirts, and over sized blazers. The collections muse was Annemarie Schwarzenbach; a swiss writer, journalist and photographer. She played a huge part in the designers decison to create a collection that combined both men and women’s style.


Bottega Veneta made me so excited for Spring.  The show started off with active wear paired with chunky sweaters thrown over the outfits.  The collection was full of  pales and neutrals which is a personal favorite of mine. As the show continued there were a plethora of skirts, dresses, deep v necks, and trench coats. Overall a beautiful collection.


Something about the Marni collection makes me want to be a very chic Italian woman.  There were a lot of oversized and colorful pieces the designer paired with bold accessories and purses. After viewing this collection I might have to invest in a Kimono and those espadrille style sneakers.


I want everything that was featured in the Ports 1961 collection. See through tops, silk dresses, military style jackets and jumpsuits. Fiona Cibani did a wonderful job.




Ports 1961imageimage


Bottega Veneta

Jil Sanderimageimage