We’ve all had those days where we just wanted to slam our phones or computers into the wall. Or cut off all communication for 24 hours… maybe longer. Being stressed is the worst feeling in the world. Some of us like to think we can deal with it until it’s too late and we’re breaking down. I’ll admit that I can’t handle it either at times. I like to find ways to relax my mind for whatever situation I’m in at the time.


Take a walk

Just getting out and walking around your neighborhood or in the city can do wonders for your mind. When you’re not focused on what’s around you can walk for hours. I love doing this around the city on the weekend. Maybe stop in a few stores to shop then grab some coffee.



I use to be into yoga during college. I was balancing so many things I forgot to stop and enjoy life. The gym at my school had weekly yoga classes and it was heaven. Stretching my body along with deep meditation and soothing music was so tranquil.



This is my personal preference. I enjoy reading a good book from time to time. And not on my iPad;  a physical book. Reading puts you in a different world.



I got this little trick from my mother who drinks tea every night before she goes to bed. If you find yourself up late with thoughts swimming in your head, a cup of hot tea will put you to sleep almost immediately.


If all this fails the best thing is to talk with a friend. Nothing feels better than a good venting session.

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  1. C.Michelle 09/13/2014

    Feeling stressed is common but an awful feeling. I love the suggestions you made. I do bikram yoga to help me. I also like to write to help release some of that energy. Going for a walk or exercise truly releases some of those endorphins!
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