Summer mist

DSC_0060The sun hits my new patio every single day and I shouldn’t be complaining after all the snow we had in Boston but too much heat makes me grumpy and I hate feeling that way. Luckily I have two body/face mist that can get me through the summer. Soul Sunday Tokai Aloe face mist has aloe and South African lavender essential oil in it. If your skins burn easily the aloe can help cool it down, but also wear sunscreen. And Mario Badescu rosewater and aloe spray is my other favorite. The scent of rosewater is a little heavy so I like to spray this on my face at night.


  1. Laura Mitbrodt 06/03/2015

    This face mist looks amazing, it would be so refreshing on a hot day

  2. Whit 06/03/2015

    They sound great, I’m in urgent need of a face mist!! 😉



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