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Tea time at the Boston Public Library

Dress: Asos,   Shoes: Asos,   Bag: Prada

Photography: Nick Carter

This past weekend I crossed another thing off my Boston To-Do list, Tea at the Boston Public Library with my boyfriend. The winter tea schedule ends on January 31st and getting a reservation was extremely difficult but lucky for me, I got a spot!  Our reservation was at 12:30 which was the perfect time because we were starving! We had sweets, scones, finger sandwiches and delicious fruity tea. With some prosecco on the side, tea time was everything I hoped for. I think the library has a tea schedule during the summer so keep a lookout for that. I know a few other hotels in Boston also have a tea schedule like the Langham, The Taj, Four Seasons, and the Ritz.

High tea is a cute weekend date idea for you and your significant other. The environment was very relaxed so you don’t need to “dress” up. Overall high tea gets a 10 out of 10 from me! It’s definitely not an every weekend thing but I do want to go back in a few months.  My new Asos dress was perfect for the beautiful weather we had this weekend here in Boston. Whenever it’s above 50 degrees in the winter EVERYONE comes out. We know it’s only a matter of time before the next snowstorm hits. I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! Thanks for stopping by.

En Route to brunch

forever 21 dressforever 21 dressforever 21 dressforever 21 dressforever 21 dressLet me start this post off by saying I love a good weekend brunch. I live for a great breakfast and some hot coffee (with almond milk of course). For such a tiny person I know how to eat and I have no shame in that. Sometimes I’ll even eat a snack before my meal or while I’m preparing dinner. You get it I love food… I wanted to share a few of my favorite brunch places in Boston for all of the readers who aren’t from this area. I personally like going to the South End for brunch.

My favorite spot is South End Buttery on Shawmut Ave. Their garlic parm fries are the best thing I have ever tasted in my life. The whole atmosphere of the restaurant is very relaxing and photos of dogs are placed throughout the space. The weekends are very hectic so reserving a spot for brunch is necessary. Tremont 647 is another spot I love. Their brunch and dinner are absolutely delicious. Every time I go here I’m never disappointed. Also, they have a tasty fried chicken meal my boyfriend and I are obsessed with.

One weekend I tried to eat at Stephi’s on Tremont and it was full. So I crossed the street and had brunch at Metropolis. Since then I’ve grown to love the place and the diner like feel it has going on. *side note* Can I fill you guys in on something? So a few weeks ago I tried to use this face wash and moisturizer, I won’t say the brand but my face broke out TERRIBLY! If you find a beauty routine and products don’t ever switch it up. For about a year I’ve used Glossier cleanser and coconut oil I get from Amazon. Anyways… I would love to meet people who are obsessed with brunch like me? What are some of your favorite brunch spots around the U.S or wherever you may be?!

Dress: Forever 21   Shoes: Topshop

Brunchin Pt.2

Jack's Wife Freda


Jack's Wife Freda

I appreciate a great brunch, especially on a cold winter morning. Finding solitude in a warm cozy restaurant with the smell of delicious bacon and eggs floating through the air makes me very happy. I follow a handful of New York bloggers and they’re always at the Mediterranean  brunch spot Jack’s Wife Freda. There are two locations in the city but my boyfriend and I went to the West Villiage location. Seating is first come first serve so arriving early is your best bet. The place is very small but I overlooked that small flaw because I was so excited for the food. Also I feel like being in the city space is so limited, many of the brunch places are tiny.

brunch part 2

I ordered the Mediterranean breakfast and Nick had the Madame Freda. My order consisted of 2 eggs any style, avocado, chopped salad, labne, and pita bread. Nicks order was so good! I was super jealous I didn’t order this for myself. The Madame Freda is a pressed sandwich with duck prosciutto,  cheddar béchamel, gruyere & a sunny side up egg.  We also ordered a side of duck bacon and some coffee. Overall I give this place 5 stars! Great atmosphere and food.


Food photos: http://jackswifefreda.com/




I love Sunday brunch! No seriously, I live for it. I need a place with good food, drinks, and a great crowd and this is the perfect spot.  When I came back home from school a few years ago I found South End Buttery. I can’t even count how many times I’ve gone here for breakfast. Every person that I take here instantly falls in love with the food and the garlic parm fries (they’re sooooo GOOD!). If you’re ever looking for a place to go on Sunday’s I seriously suggest you book a reservation and come here. It’s usually packed on the weekends so if you didn’t book a table try to get there early and snag a seat at the bar. My favorite meal has to be the eggs benedict over a house made biscuit with shaved black forest ham on top along with hollandaise.