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Mornings with McCafé Espresso

*This is a sponsored post with McDonald’s*


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I start every morning with coffee because it’s the easiest way for me to wake up. I start my coffee pot in the morning before my shower so when I get out my kitchen is filled with the scent. Some days I need an extra kick so I’ll get something with a ton of espresso in it. That instantly wakes me up and I’m good to go for the rest of the day.  Coffee and espresso just work better for me in the mornings (sorry tea lovers).  McDonald’s is relaunching the McCafé experience with new café-quality espresso beverages which includes

Caramel Macchiato



Pumpkin Spice Latte (for a limited time only)

To celebrate this relaunch, McDonald’s is offering any small McCafé beverage for $2 (limited time only). You can also get any size hot or medium iced McCafé coffee or just $1! Now you can start each morning with a delicious and affordable drink without spending a lot of money. In my last post about saving money I talked about buying coffee everyday and how that can burn a hole in your pocket but with a deal like this it’s such a steal. What are you waiting for? Go to McDonald’s!!!


DIY- Coffee Ice Cubes

coffee ice cubescoffee ice cubescoffee ice cubescoffee ice cubes


Iced coffee is the best way to start your morning in the summer. I  wanted to try different ways to make my iced coffee fun and delicious and I found this recipe for coffee ice cubes. You probably have seen them all over Pinterest so if you have an ice-cube tray and left over coffee you should make some!! The first step of course is to make the coffee. It doesn’t matter what the brand is just make sure it’s cooled off before you pour it into the tray. Let the coffee cubes sit overnight.

Honestly Yum (link provided below) used chocolate powder but I prefer chocolate sauce. Warm 1 cup of milk and pour it into a cup and stir until the chocolate sauce is all mixed in. Next put as many coffee cubes as you want in your cup. Finally add your milk to the cup and make sure it’s warm so the coffee cubes can melt a little. Enjoy!

also my boyfriend takes all of my photos because he’s the best 🙂

Recipe: Honestly Yum

Good Morning

The most peaceful sleeps happen when I don’t need to set an alarm the next day. I stretch and snuggle into my warm blankets and hide my face from the sun. I never stay in bed late unless I really need the sleep but I do try to stretch a few more minutes in bed if I can. I start my mornings off with Maxwell house coffee and some breakfast. If I don’t have coffee in the morning my day seems off so I try to have at least one cup a day. My condo gets such great light and views of Boston. I get to wake up, look out my window and see water and the beautiful Boston skyline. I think waking up like this is too good to be true.

good mornin pic

Shirt: Anthropologie 

Monday Blues

Who else is suffering from the Monday morning blues?? I felt so tired today at work so I needed to find ways to stay awake without drinking ten cups of coffee. My trusty friend Google of course saved the day and provided some tips on how to stay awake at work.


– Get up and move around! Sitting at our desk all day is bad for our circulation. Doctors recommend that we walk at least 10 minutes a day while at work. So take a stroll outside or around the office.


– Drink ice water! This will immediately give you energy.  Cold water is the best way to wake your body up.


– Give your eyes a break and look away from your computer.


– Splash cold water on your face for a quick fix.


– Listen to music! Your favorite songs can keep you up!


– Stretch! This always works for me. You might look a bit crazy at your desk but you’ll look and feel energized.

New Book

IMG_0256 copyI’m so excited to finish this book because of my trip to Paris this summer. Paris my Sweet by Amy Thomas documents her year in Paris working as a copywriter for Louis Vuitton. While in Paris she finds all the best bakeries and pastry shops. Although I’m not into sweets I really want to try all of the different chocolate and pastry shops around New York and Paris she mentions in her book. Amy Thomas also talks about living alone is such a big city while finding a way to adapt to the culture and people. Towards the middle of the book she makes friends and frequents a handful of different restaurants. She starts to feel like a true Parisian.