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4th of July Treats-Caramel Latte Pops

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to my DIY series. I made Caramel Latte Pops which would be perfect to serve at 4th of July Parties for a quick caffeine fix. Feel free to drizzle caramel syrup on top for extra flavor. I followed a recipe from the Chocolate Moosey Blog. I substituted Silk Caramel Almond Creamer and used Coffee Mate- Natural Bliss Caramel Almond milk creamer. Feel free to use less sugar based on your taste. All of the holiday decorations are from Walmart. I’ve never made popsicles before, it’s so fun to see the end result.  These molds cost $6.99 on Amazon when I purchased it but they have gone up in price. But you can find cheap ones if you keep searching. What do you guys think? Would you try these? Let me know in the comments.


  • 1 cup espresso or strong coffee (I used espresso)
  • 1/2 cup Coffee Mate- Natural Bliss Caramel Almond Creamer
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar (or to taste)
  • Caramel Syrup

Pom Pom Sweater

Photography: Nick Carter 

The story behind this sweater is a short one. The sweater arrived in the mail completely wrong. Only one sleeve had the poms on it so I took it to my cleaners for some alterations. I really like the end result with the two poms on the each sleeve. Poms on sweaters were big in 2016 but I’m bringing  it with me into the New Year.  Also, Happy New Year! This is the time of year we really try to push ourselves to start those new year’s resolutions.

I want to accomplish a lot of personal goals this year. I want to open myself up and meet new people. I can be very shy at times and I’m not sure why. I’m a very outgoing and loud person it’s strange when that just switches off. I also don’t want to worry about what people think so much. Ashley from Brunch on Chestnut had a great post about personal goals and one was to stop comparing her blog to others. I learned that my work isn’t the same as others. We all have goals so I need to focus on mine and stop stressing out.

And finally I need to squeeze in ME time when it’s necessary. I tend to worry so much about others I forget that I need a little TLC too. I plan to schedule more mani/pedis and massages for myself. Thank you for reading. Make sure to subscribe to my blog for new post updates!

DIY- Coffee Ice Cubes

coffee ice cubescoffee ice cubescoffee ice cubescoffee ice cubes


Iced coffee is the best way to start your morning in the summer. I  wanted to try different ways to make my iced coffee fun and delicious and I found this recipe for coffee ice cubes. You probably have seen them all over Pinterest so if you have an ice-cube tray and left over coffee you should make some!! The first step of course is to make the coffee. It doesn’t matter what the brand is just make sure it’s cooled off before you pour it into the tray. Let the coffee cubes sit overnight.

Honestly Yum (link provided below) used chocolate powder but I prefer chocolate sauce. Warm 1 cup of milk and pour it into a cup and stir until the chocolate sauce is all mixed in. Next put as many coffee cubes as you want in your cup. Finally add your milk to the cup and make sure it’s warm so the coffee cubes can melt a little. Enjoy!

also my boyfriend takes all of my photos because he’s the best 🙂

Recipe: Honestly Yum

Favorite pins




I really REALLY like Pinterest!  Every since I started using it I actually look forward to cooking and creating things. Pinterest is full of DIY projects and apartment decor inspiration.  My favorite part of the day is going through my Pinterest and finding new items to add on my boards. I have 14 boards ranging from personal style to breakfast ideas.  Each week I want to share some of my favorite pins with you so you can see what I’m currently into and hopefully inspire you to get creative during your free time.


1.Morning workouts 

Some quick tips that could help you get out of bed and workout in the morning.

2.Healthy Rice Bowl Dinner Options

Quick and easy dinner options are great for people who have an odd work schedule. Rice doesn’t take long to make and veggies only take a few minutes to cook. Click the link for some delicious rice bowl recipes.

3.Chicago Travel Guide 

Nick and I are going to Chicago in April! I’ve always wanted to check this city off my travel list and I finally get to in the spring! A weekend full of deep dish pizza, museums and brunch!

4.Avocado and egg in a hole

I look forward to waking up on the weekends and cooking something new. I’m definitely trying this on a Saturday morning.

5.Thai Chicken Lettuce wraps

I made these one night and they were delicious. I want to experiment with different flavors and ingredients. The Thai Chicken sounds great.

6.Homemade chocolate chip cookies 

I’ll be honest with you,  I’m terrible at baking. The last batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies I made turned out so bad! In time, I’ll be a decent baker but for now, I’ll Pinterest the best recipes and keep trying.


How to: French Toast Rolls

First, let me thank Buzzfeed for putting this amazing how-to food video on Facebook. Without you.. these delicious rolls wouldn’t be possible. I wanted breakfast for dinner and this HAD to be part of the meal. I also cooked some turkey bacon and eggs to put on the side because no breakfast is complete without BACON! These rolls were very filling I had about two before I tapped out.  I bought crustless bread to make the process easier. Also you need a rolling pin to flatten the bread. Spread a good amount of cream cheese on the bread and sprinkle the chopped up fruit on top. In a separate bowl mix two eggs, a dash of milk (since the rolls are small you don’t need a lot of milk) and cinnamon. While the skillet is heating up spread some butter around so your rolls don’t stick. After a few minutes you have perfection!



Cream Cheese 

Strawberries (or any fruit of your choice)

2 eggs mixed into a bowl with a dash of milk and cinnamon


FullSizeRender (16)


IMG_1552 (1)



Vanity Ideas

The master bedroom in my new apartment has enough room for the vanity I’ve always wanted so Pinterest is currently my best friend. Once you start pinning pictures you can’t stop and eventually you have like 40 pictures on your board. Some of the vanity’s I’ve looked at are too small and others just don’t have the IT factor. I’m also stuck between what kind of mirror and chair I want. The decisions are endless! Here are a few ideas I have in mind. Also check out my Pinterest board to look at the other ideas I pinned.



vanity 2 vanity 3 vanity 4 vanity 5 vanity 6 vanity 7 vanity 8 vanity 9 Vanity