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Tea time at the Boston Public Library

Dress: Asos,   Shoes: Asos,   Bag: Prada

Photography: Nick Carter

This past weekend I crossed another thing off my Boston To-Do list, Tea at the Boston Public Library with my boyfriend. The winter tea schedule ends on January 31st and getting a reservation was extremely difficult but lucky for me, I got a spot!  Our reservation was at 12:30 which was the perfect time because we were starving! We had sweets, scones, finger sandwiches and delicious fruity tea. With some prosecco on the side, tea time was everything I hoped for. I think the library has a tea schedule during the summer so keep a lookout for that. I know a few other hotels in Boston also have a tea schedule like the Langham, The Taj, Four Seasons, and the Ritz.

High tea is a cute weekend date idea for you and your significant other. The environment was very relaxed so you don’t need to “dress” up. Overall high tea gets a 10 out of 10 from me! It’s definitely not an every weekend thing but I do want to go back in a few months.  My new Asos dress was perfect for the beautiful weather we had this weekend here in Boston. Whenever it’s above 50 degrees in the winter EVERYONE comes out. We know it’s only a matter of time before the next snowstorm hits. I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! Thanks for stopping by.

Summer florals

floral jumpsuitfloral jumpsuitfloral jumpsuit


Now that summer is here I have no excuse to stay indoors. I want to enjoy as many outdoor activities as I can and try new brunch spots and restaurants. Boston in the summer can be so beautiful. Waking up to warm weather and clear skies is the best thing.. Summer also means a closet refresh for me. I need a weekend to go through everything I’m keeping and items I want to give up. I was browsing through my closet and I saw this jumpsuit I bought about a year ago at a small boutique in Brooklyn. I was on my way to brunch and I saw this beauty. I wasn’t even looking for a new jumpsuit but I knew it would be perfect for a night out. And I actually wore it that same night out for drinks in the city. I rarely shop at boutiques and this was one of those times I found a gem. Below are some other floral jumpsuits I’m loving right now!



Leather Look

leather lookleather lookleather look

The thought of leather pants isn’t a comfortable one. They aren’t practical in an everyday situation but the overall look of leather pants is something we’ve gotten used to.  I purchased the burgundy colored pants during New Years weekend at Mango in New York. The fact that I picked these up for a great price made me extremely excited to try these on and snap some photos. I snagged these for less than $50!

I have to wriggle my way into these pants but once they were on I looked in the mirror and said, “hm, I look good!”.  To go with the pants, I picked up this striped cotton button down at Mango as well.  Very soft and comfortable!

Shirt & Pants: Mango   Heels: DSW   Clutch: H&M


Daily skincare routine – Kimberly

Kimberly from Penny Pincher Fashion shared her daily skincare routine with me.


1. When you wake up in the morning what products do you use on your face?

My morning routine is pretty simple.  I wash with Dove Sensitive Skin bar soap & use my Clarisonic Mia to exfoliate my skin.  Then I follow it up with CeraVe am moisturizer (which includes SPF) & a light eye cream.


2. Do you use any products during the day to keep your face fresh?

The only touching up I do throughout the day is with an oil-absorbing powder (Arbonne Mattifying Powder), which helps eliminate shine.


3. What moisturizer do you swear by?

CeraVe has completely transformed my skin.  I was previously using a really expensive 6-step system and my skin starting breaking out after a few months.  My dermatologist recommended CeraVe and once I started using it, I never looked back.  I’ve even gotten friends and family members hooked on it.


4. What is your nighttime routine?

I remove my makeup with Almay eyemakeup remover pads, wash my face with Dove soap & then follow it up with exfolikate scrub. I use CeraVe pm, followed by an anti-aging cream & eye cream.


5. Any new beauty products you just started trying?

The Acure Eye Cream is a new-to-me organic product that I really love.  I’ve noticed a difference since using it and I like that it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or irritants.

Kim Haller and Sandy Liang

I can always depend on the New York Times to keep me up to date with designers. The newspaper recently had an article about fashion weeks under the radar talents. Kim Haller and Sandy Liang stood out to me almost immediately. Kim Haller has 20+ years of experience in the fashion world and her collection shows the audience how she can create very complex stitches and turn them into a masterpiece. Sandy Liang created a SS15 collection that is all about fringe, leather, fur and fun. She opened her business straight out of design school.


Kim Haller

Kil Haller resort 15 1

Kil Haller resort 15 Kim haller 2 Kim Haller resort 15 Kim Haller



Sandy Liang 

Sandy Liang 2 Sandy Liang 3 Sandy liang 4 Sandy Liang