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My everyday makeup routine

I’m not sure what happened but I really love makeup right now. My favorite thing to do right now is scroll through YouTube and watching beauty vloggers unbox their new beauty products and I start to get so excited because I NEED to try everything out. I’m definitely a beginner when it comes to buying makeup and applying it but I have the basics down.  I started using powder foundation a few months ago but it really has no impact on my face and I didn’t really like the consistency. I stopped by Sephora and picked up the Sephora liquid foundation in the color Deep Mocha. It matched my skin tone perfectly and it was only $20. This works so much better than powder. And it blends beautifully.

My NYX first base spray primer and setting spray work so well for me. I spray my beauty blender with the first base spray then I apply my foundation. I find that it blends better when the beauty blender is a little damp. And the dewy setting spray gives me that everyday shine that I like on my face without being too over the top.  If I’m not in the mood to use either I just use my First Aid Beauty hello fab coconut skin smoothie Priming moisturizer. It’s soft and makes my skin smell so good!

For my lips, I either keep it simple or take it to the next level with color. Some days I just want a lip balm and other days I like matte lipsticks in a dark color or a bright lip gloss. It really just depends on my mood that day. A lot of my lip products are from Ulta or the Marshalls beauty section. I try to find great products at an affordable price so I don’t break the bank while shopping for makeup. What do you guys use in your everyday makeup routine? Tell me in the comments below!

Satin Lips


Unnecessary shopping for lipstick and lip gloss is what I do best. I walked into Blue Mercury and I let the saleswoman trick me into buying a Nars lip pencil. I say “trick” because I just wanted to walk around and I ended up leaving with a bag full of products. I wanted to add some lip pencils to my makeup collection but I never got around to it. So I guess I can thank that saleswoman because I absolutely love it!  The color is Het Loo  and the Nars website describes it as a cognac shade. There’s no need to apply chapstick before to keep your lips moisturized because the lip pencil already does that. 26 dollars well spent.

Up close with the Naked Palette

IMG_1018Ever have those days when your skin looks a little washed out and tired? Sometimes I want to add a little color to my cheeks but I can’t seem to find the right blush. I remember this one incident in middle school I bought this blush from a beauty supply store thinking I could apply makeup. I ended up looking like a clown. Thankfully my knowledge of makeup and skincare is WAY better! I just purchased the Urban Decay Naked Flushed bronzer/blush duo. It’s only $30 dollars from Macy’s and small enough to fit into your makeup bag. It comes in four tones. Streak, Native, Naked, and Strip. I have (Strip) which is the darkest duo and the perfect one for my skin tone. The duo set works well with my NYX concealer, Ulta BB cream and Mac Mineralize foundation.


IMG_1032I use these products almost everyday on my face. I keep it very simple when it comes to foundation and concealer.


Daily skincare routine – Kimberly

Kimberly from Penny Pincher Fashion shared her daily skincare routine with me.


1. When you wake up in the morning what products do you use on your face?

My morning routine is pretty simple.  I wash with Dove Sensitive Skin bar soap & use my Clarisonic Mia to exfoliate my skin.  Then I follow it up with CeraVe am moisturizer (which includes SPF) & a light eye cream.


2. Do you use any products during the day to keep your face fresh?

The only touching up I do throughout the day is with an oil-absorbing powder (Arbonne Mattifying Powder), which helps eliminate shine.


3. What moisturizer do you swear by?

CeraVe has completely transformed my skin.  I was previously using a really expensive 6-step system and my skin starting breaking out after a few months.  My dermatologist recommended CeraVe and once I started using it, I never looked back.  I’ve even gotten friends and family members hooked on it.


4. What is your nighttime routine?

I remove my makeup with Almay eyemakeup remover pads, wash my face with Dove soap & then follow it up with exfolikate scrub. I use CeraVe pm, followed by an anti-aging cream & eye cream.


5. Any new beauty products you just started trying?

The Acure Eye Cream is a new-to-me organic product that I really love.  I’ve noticed a difference since using it and I like that it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or irritants.

Follain meet the makers event

IMG_0320 (1) IMG_0327 IMG_0330 IMG_0326 IMG_0318 Follain in the South End hosted a meet the makers event with the founder of SW Basics, Adina Grigore.  I got the chance to meet Adina and chat with her about the skincare line. We both share similar views about how important a proper skincare routine is as you get older. I also mentioned to her that switching to natural products really changed my skin and the SW Basics toner works wonders on my face.  She listens to her customers and cares about their skincare results. She signed each book with a personal note and included her e-mail address if we wanted to talk about the products.

Yes or no to blotting sheets

I have this love hate relationship with blotting sheets. I spend 8 dollars for a pack and it runs out days later.  The purpose of blotting sheets is to control the oil on your face while you’re wearing makeup or just to freshen up throughout the day. I use to buy Clean and Clear blotting sheets all the time but as I got older my face started changing and I kept breaking out every time a sheet would touch my face.

I’m trying to find a way to control the oil around my nose while still getting the proper moisture on my face. During my search for an oil free face I stumbled upon Fig + Yarrow and I purchased the white face mask.  The white Fig + Yarrow face mask is made for sensitive and normal skin types. It provides a deep cleaning without causing your face to break out. I’m thinking if I use this face mask every other night along with blotting sheets throughout the day my face might react differently. I just ordered some blotting sheets from Ulta.com. Review on the mask and blotting sheets to come.

Daily skincare routine – Danielle

FullSizeRender (3)Danielle from Shades of Danielle  was kind enough to chat with me about her skincare routine from day to night.


1. When you wake up in the morning what products do you use on your face?

When I wake up in the morning, I wash my face with Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser. It feels really smooth and nice on the skin and makes me feel super clean. Then I’ll use my Clarins Multi-Active Day cream as a moisturizer. Lastly, I’m currently using Benefit’s Puff Off under my eyes to brighten them up for the day.


2. Do you use any products during the day to keep your face fresh?

Sometimes I’ll use a toner during the day to rid myself of oil. I’ll either use the Clarins Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion or the Lush Tea Tree Water toner. However, if I’m out and wearing a lot of makeup I’ll just touch up with a Nyx Green Tree Blotting Paper.


3. What moisturizer do you swear by?

My Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream!


4. What is your nighttime routine?

At night, I’ll either use the same cleanser or Lush’s Ocean Salt Scrub if I want to mix it up and exfoliate more. I follow that with The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion and a Shiseido eye cream.


5. Any new beauty products you just started trying?

I actually just got the Lush Tea Tree Water toner so I’m still trying that out as well as the Puff Off. I also got Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty which I still need to try!

I believe in toner!




Cliniques toner left my skin dry, red and irritated I swore off using toner on my face. After doing some research on different products I decided to give it a chance again. I wanted to change up my skincare routine and multiple articles out there swear toner is the way to go when it comes to improving your complexion. I stopped by Follain in the South End and purchased the SW Basics toner. It’s completely organic with ingredients like raw apple cider vinegar, Witch Hazel from wild crops farm, sandalwood, and essential oils of clary sage. It didn’t burn after the first use which is a good sign that my face can handle it. I would suggest using it twice a day (morning and night) to get the best results. My face is definitely thanking me for using this.


Website- http://swbasicsofbk.com/

New beauty products



Mario Badescu Eye Cream

I finally  got my hands on this product and I love it. You can definitely see a difference after the first use. When I don’t get enough sleep at night you can see how tired I am when you look at my eyes so I needed a product like this.


Ulta BB Cream Beauty Balm

I’m excited to use this product. I usually wear makeup when I’m going out but I wanted something lightweight and easy to use during the day and BB  creams are perfect for that. It applies very smooth and it’s doesn’t cause breakouts.


Gucci Guilty Perfume Set

It smells AMAZING.. That’s it!


Soul Sunday Sugar Scrub

I love Soul Sunday Products and I got this sugar scrub as a Christmas gift. I use the multi-task oil right after the scrub and my skin feels like heaven! This could also be used as an exfoliator.