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Favorite pins Pt. 10 – Holiday Season

Here’s part 10 of my favorite pin series and this is in substitute for my weekly roundup. I created a favorite pins holiday post last year and it was just so colorful and fun that I wanted to do another one. These pins aren’t just for Christmas because you can keep this going until the New Year. Holiday cookies can be a year-round thing and who doesn’t love the fresh smell of pine like in picture 1 and 2. Sugar cookies are my favorite but I’ve never tried them with cream cheese frosting. Georgetown cupcakes adds cream cheese frosting on their cupcakes and it’s phenomenal so I know this will probably be delicious.

In picture 3 the cute brownie reindeer dessert is so cute. Wouldn’t that be the perfect thing to serve at a get together with friends? Plus who doesn’t love brownies?! If you don’t we can’t be friends. Just kidding we can! In picture 4 is the perfect skirt for a party. I would wear it with a bold chunky knit sweater. I would do the same thing with the skirt in picture 5. I just love bold dramatic skirts and red is my favorite color to wear during the holidays. Another fun way to add some drama to the holidays is to wear some sequins like this skirt Julia from Gal Meets Glam is wearing. What are you looking forward to the most this holiday season? I’m excited to spend time with family and eat delicious food on Christmas day. Links to these photos are down below. Happy Holidays everyone!


1.Sugar cookie with cream cheese frosting – Sweet Spicy Kitchen 

2. Holiday Decor – Style Caster 

3. Easy Rudolph brownies – Your cup of cake blog 

4.Holiday skirt! – Lace and Locks blog 

5. Another bold red skirt- A pinch of lovely blog 

6. Sequined skirt – Gal Meets Glam 

Favorite pins pt.9 – Velvet


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


Omg, it’s November! I really can’t believe there’s one month left of 2017! After the 4th of July time just flies by for me. Do you guys feel that way or is it just me? Summer seems so far away now but it’s finally getting somewhat cool here. So let’s whip out those coats and sweaters and finally embrace this fall weather. I wanted to start this month with part 9 of my favorite pins series which is my absolute favorite. I love sharing trends I’m feeling right now with my readers.

This post was inspired by a velvet top I received from the J.Jill team that I will be shooting soon along with some other things. I’m really into this trend right now so I wanted to put together a collage of my favorite picks I found on Pinterest. Follow my board here to see other things I pinned. How do you feel about velvet right now? From what I’ve seen some people love it and some people are on the fence. Let me know in the comments below! Also if there’s anything I should check out this season feel free to share that also. I’m always looking for new things to wear.

Signature crafted event

I received compensation from McDonald’s in exchange for writing this review. This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

I’m a HUGE foodie so I was excited to attend an event at Mcdonald’s to try the new signature crafted sandwiches. Sorry in advance to my healthy friends but I love McDonald’s! When I was in school I would go to McDonald’s just to grab an Oreo Mcflurry. We started the event with a mini tour of the Kitchen with Chef Mike who came to visit from Chicago. He made each sandwich from scratch and all of the ingredients are fresh every single day. The three sandwiches that were offered were Maple Bacon Dijon, Pico Guacamole, and Sweet BBQ Bacon.

I ordered the Sweet BBQ Bacon sandwich with crispy buttermilk chicken. I don’t like BBQ sauce on my sandwiches but this BBQ sauce was tangy and sweet. The perfect addition to the sandwich. Along with these signature crafted sandwiches, McDonald’s is offering new “Just For You” customer experiences at select stores. As of May 5th, 11 stores currently have table service, touchscreen self-order kiosks, or mobile pay options. We ended the night with the ladies of Sip and Script and I learned some basic calligraphy tips. I wasn’t the best but it was such a fun activity to end with. Check out their event page to see what’s coming up on the schedule.

Favorite Pins pt.7

Here is part 7 of my Favorite Pins series featuring items I’m #currentlycoveting for the Spring/Summer 2017 season.  I’m into high-waisted denim at the moment because I bought new Levi’s on Amazon for $26. The best feeling is finding something you love at a decent price especially when you’re shopping. Levis have always been my favorite brand and you can never have enough denim right??  I’m also stuck on this big sleeve, shaggy blouse trend that’s happening.

I think it’s a relaxed classic look without being too formal. Straw bags are a must for summer and I really like the bucket style because they hold more. I need a large bag to throw my swimwear and wine into for beach days. This spring/summer I want to constantly be in denim, carry around tote bags, and wear sandals. This set of pins is what I want my wardrobe to look like and I WILL make it happen!

Click here to check out my currently coveting board on Pinterest 

DIY- Coffee Ice Cubes

coffee ice cubescoffee ice cubescoffee ice cubescoffee ice cubes


Iced coffee is the best way to start your morning in the summer. I  wanted to try different ways to make my iced coffee fun and delicious and I found this recipe for coffee ice cubes. You probably have seen them all over Pinterest so if you have an ice-cube tray and left over coffee you should make some!! The first step of course is to make the coffee. It doesn’t matter what the brand is just make sure it’s cooled off before you pour it into the tray. Let the coffee cubes sit overnight.

Honestly Yum (link provided below) used chocolate powder but I prefer chocolate sauce. Warm 1 cup of milk and pour it into a cup and stir until the chocolate sauce is all mixed in. Next put as many coffee cubes as you want in your cup. Finally add your milk to the cup and make sure it’s warm so the coffee cubes can melt a little. Enjoy!

also my boyfriend takes all of my photos because he’s the best 🙂

Recipe: Honestly Yum

Favorite Pins pt. 4

favorite pins 4Welcoming the month of August with a new set of my favorite pins. The month of July flew by! I can’t help but think about how close fall is. My Pinterest is filled with beautiful photos lately which is giving me a lot of inspiration when it comes to photography and my blog. I really love the pom pom trend happening and I think these heels are gorgeous with a few pom poms on them. I also like how they’re paired with white dress pants. The second photo is of a JORD wood watch. I’m working on a collaboration with them and I’m really excited to review it for everyone.

The third picture is a small preview into my fall Pinterest board. I really need a new fall coat and I’ve always loved this style paired with a simple turtle neck and some booties. The fourth picture is  a cute shirt dress with tassels on the bottom. I have a similar dress from Mango and I love it. I like to see different versions of shirt dresses and the tassels add some flare.  Picture 5 is something I wish I could have if I wasn’t so bad at taking care of flowers. I love flowers but I’m terrible at keeping them alive. I’m making it a goal of mine to finally keep my flowers alive!

Photo number 6 is a floral romper that would be a super cute look for date night during the summer. Picture 7 is some beach inspiration I added to my personal style board . The thought of all white on the beach is so calming to me. Flowing culottes, sun hats, and loose camis is the perfect beach look. I really want to find the perfect pair of fringe jeans but I can’t seem to find an affordable pair. This look in the 8th picture is something I would totally wear during the fall. Also UGH I don’t want to think about fall right now. The last picture is cute cami slip dress with a basic tee. I think I’ll try this look out during the fall months. To see all of my pins make sure to follow me here!

Favorite Pins Pt.3

Favorite pins1. Fringed denim  2. Plant decor  3. Off the shoulder tops  4.Floral Skirts  5.Elaine Welteroth’s  beauty routine  6.Stripes

May is a few days away so let’s start the new month with pins I’m currently in love with.  From fringed denim to plant decor I have so many new pins on my boards giving me major inspiration for the spring.  I keep seeing fringed denim pants around on different blogs and I want to give the look a try eventually. Fringed jeans could work with off the shoulder tops that are coming back into the fashion world. I get so excited when I see old trends come back into play.  Another thing I want to do this spring is buy some plants to put in my apartment.

The second picture  with the plants is something I want in the corner of my place near my bar stools.  The height difference is a nice touch to the decor. Click the link to find out which plants are easiest to grown inside your home. Next thing I need is a cute floral skirt, it seems appropriate since it’s spring.  I’m looking for the perfect one that  I can wear to work or going out with a plain white tee and heels. Speaking of clothes I’m really into stripes lately.

I found a cute form fitting stripped dress during my trip to Montreal at a local boutique and I’ve worn in four times already.  And to round up my favorite pins this month is Elaine Welteroth on The Coveteur. I loved seeing her beauty routine on The Coveteur. She uses Snapchat to connect with her followers and show them her backseat beauty ritual when she’s running to a meeting or late to an event. She uses RMS beauty concealer which is a great brand. I swear by their coconut oil beauty wipes.

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Favorite Pins pt.2

Another week, another list of my favorite pins and some links as well. This week I’ve found myself looking at a lot of apartment decor. Preparing myself for a new move in the fall and possibly a new location. I like simple colors around my apartment that match up nicely with little trinkets and paintings. I want to use more color in my next place and find some art to put in the apartment. Art gives the place some color and personality, plus it’s nice to look at when you come home.

The area my boyfriend and I are looking for apartments at is called the South End. A very trendy neighborhood filled with boutiques, restaurants and hair salons. I frequently go to the South End for brunch so I’m excited to look for places there. The one thing about the South End is that space is very limited and we’re lucky to have two huge closets in our current apartment to store our stuff. Fingers crossed that we find the right place soon!

Another thing I’m super excited about is Olivia Palermo’s clothing line at Nordstrom. I admire her style and I can’t wait to purchase some items.  Lastly, Ben and Jerry’s is releasing a line of non-dairy ice cream! I’m so happy I can finally enjoy ice cream again. I can’t have dairy anymore so this is the best news.

1.Olivia Palermo’s fashion line 

2. Living room decor ideas 

3. Bar Cart inspiration 

4. Kitchen decor Ideas 

5.Bathroom Inspiration 

6. Ben And Jerry’s non-dairy flavors 


favorite links



Favorite pins




I really REALLY like Pinterest!  Every since I started using it I actually look forward to cooking and creating things. Pinterest is full of DIY projects and apartment decor inspiration.  My favorite part of the day is going through my Pinterest and finding new items to add on my boards. I have 14 boards ranging from personal style to breakfast ideas.  Each week I want to share some of my favorite pins with you so you can see what I’m currently into and hopefully inspire you to get creative during your free time.


1.Morning workouts 

Some quick tips that could help you get out of bed and workout in the morning.

2.Healthy Rice Bowl Dinner Options

Quick and easy dinner options are great for people who have an odd work schedule. Rice doesn’t take long to make and veggies only take a few minutes to cook. Click the link for some delicious rice bowl recipes.

3.Chicago Travel Guide 

Nick and I are going to Chicago in April! I’ve always wanted to check this city off my travel list and I finally get to in the spring! A weekend full of deep dish pizza, museums and brunch!

4.Avocado and egg in a hole

I look forward to waking up on the weekends and cooking something new. I’m definitely trying this on a Saturday morning.

5.Thai Chicken Lettuce wraps

I made these one night and they were delicious. I want to experiment with different flavors and ingredients. The Thai Chicken sounds great.

6.Homemade chocolate chip cookies 

I’ll be honest with you,  I’m terrible at baking. The last batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies I made turned out so bad! In time, I’ll be a decent baker but for now, I’ll Pinterest the best recipes and keep trying.


Overnight oats – Strawberry/Banana

overnight oats
overnight oats

My current breakfast routine looks like this…

  • Granola bar
  • Coffee
  • Maybe a banana or two


It’s not very filling or nutritious so I needed to find a solution because I’m always tired throughout the day and I’m not getting the nutrients I need to keep my energy up. Overnight Oats is a great way start the day and it’s super easy to make.  It’s filled with healthy fats, healthy carbs and protein. All of the ingredients keep you full until lunch so you won’t sneak in a snack. All you need is a small or medium-sized bowl, Quaker oats or store brand oats, vanilla almond milk, vanilla greek yogurt, chia seeds, 1  banana and strawberries. For a dairy free option, swap out the greek yogurt for coconut yogurt. Prep time is  ten minutes, then you throw it in the fridge overnight. I really REALLY like how the oats came out. The consistency is weird at first since it’s creamy, but after a few more bites it’s very delicious!


1 Banana – mashed

5-10 strawberries – diced

1 tablespoon of chia seeds

1 cup of oats

1/2 cup of vanilla greek yogurt

1 1/4 cups of vanilla almond milk

2 tablespoons of almond butter- optional