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Summer Sandals- Loeffler Randall

    Loeffler Randall Coco high heel knot slide

  Loeffler Randall Vera Ruffle Slide

Images from the Loeffler Randall Website 

If you’re looking to purchase new summer sandal,  Loeffler Randall is a great brand to look into. The Coco high heel knot slide in watermelon pink is number one on my wish list and number two is the Vera Ruffle slide in woven indigo. I’m a huge fan of the woven indigo and the ruffles are a cute statement piece on the shoe. The Loeffler Randall team was inspired by the Mossi cloth for the denim vera ruffle slide. Which is indigo-dyed cloth crafted by the Mossi people of Burkina Faso, a landlocked country in West Africa.

Due to how scarce the cloth is there’s a small amount left so the only cloth available is vintage. My favorite part about this shoe is the amount of detail that went into creating it. Loeffler Randall really cares about quality and customer experience. A unique and rare material is one way to show customer appreciation. I fell in love with slides when I watched Sex and The City. Carrie was always strutting around in Prada slides and I was obsessed. Which one is your favorite? Tell me in the comments below!

Kim Haller and Sandy Liang

I can always depend on the New York Times to keep me up to date with designers. The newspaper recently had an article about fashion weeks under the radar talents. Kim Haller and Sandy Liang stood out to me almost immediately. Kim Haller has 20+ years of experience in the fashion world and her collection shows the audience how she can create very complex stitches and turn them into a masterpiece. Sandy Liang created a SS15 collection that is all about fringe, leather, fur and fun. She opened her business straight out of design school.


Kim Haller

Kil Haller resort 15 1

Kil Haller resort 15 Kim haller 2 Kim Haller resort 15 Kim Haller



Sandy Liang 

Sandy Liang 2 Sandy Liang 3 Sandy liang 4 Sandy Liang