Yes or no to blotting sheets

I have this love hate relationship with blotting sheets. I spend 8 dollars for a pack and it runs out days later.  The purpose of blotting sheets is to control the oil on your face while you’re wearing makeup or just to freshen up throughout the day. I use to buy Clean and Clear blotting sheets all the time but as I got older my face started changing and I kept breaking out every time a sheet would touch my face.

I’m trying to find a way to control the oil around my nose while still getting the proper moisture on my face. During my search for an oil free face I stumbled upon Fig + Yarrow and I purchased the white face mask.  The white Fig + Yarrow face mask is made for sensitive and normal skin types. It provides a deep cleaning without causing your face to break out. I’m thinking if I use this face mask every other night along with blotting sheets throughout the day my face might react differently. I just ordered some blotting sheets from Review on the mask and blotting sheets to come.

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